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eCoach ATC Simulation - Anywhere

The eCoach ATC simulator technology provides new ways of working together. The ATC training center is no more limited to a single physical location.

eCoach ATC Simulation - Anywhere concept

Todays technology is evolving rapidly, bringing new ideas and concepts to improve how we perform our business and improve it. Edda Systems is constantly assessing our systems based on customer feedback and opportunities provided by new technology. Internet is changing how we live our lives and how we do business and our concept of "ATC-Simulation-Anywhere" is meeting that challenge by connecting students, employees, instructors, training centres and machines in a virtual ATC training center - bound only by internet. It brings new opportunities, as well as challenges, but as always human ingenuity solves problems and issues. 

eCoach ATC Simulation - Anywhere concept realized using Microsoft Azure

The above figure shows an example of an ATC-Simulation-Anywhere ATC simulator set up. The key element here is that all sites and machines are connected to the Azure server using internet. Actually, all sites and machines are "remotely" connected. The Azure server not only runs the exercises, but also contains configuration data, airspace data and 3D models. No matter where you are, you have access to the same data and can contribute to the activities at the main training centre or other sites. You are no longer bound by the walls and location of the main training centre, and everyone can contribute as they were sitting next to each other.

eCoach is a flexible system which can be set up and configured in many way - contact us to see how we can help your business ahieve you training goals.

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