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This blog discusses subjects around the eCoach ATC simulator and other subjects related to ATC systems and simulations.

Articles related to how eCoach can be used for various purposes.

eCoach as a Multi-Purpose Tool

Even though eCoach is an ATC simulator for professional air traffic controller training, the tools included in the eCoach package makes it valuable for a variety of other purposes as well. Any ANSP will typically face a lot of challenges where eCoach can be of great value in risk reduction and cost savings.

eCoach Used in a Meeting Room

Figure 1: Discussing Airport Operations in Low Visibility


In this blog article, we will present eCoach core concepts and how these can be utilized in unexpected areas, thus providing value far beyond the simulator use.


Core Concepts

eCoach has some core building blocks that can be combined in various ways to provide synergy effects and thus cost and time savings in large projects. These building blocks are:

  1. Simulator: The eCoach simulator will transform exercise data into radar data streams and other simulated ATC data. The simulator pilot positions can adjust these data streams while the exercise is running.
  2. ATC System: The eCoach ATC system will process and present the simulated ATC data coming from the simulator side.
  3. 3D Tower presentation: This is an optional add-on to the system, which will also receive the data streams but present them as weather and traffic in a three-dimensional airport model.
  4. Designer: This is stand-alone PC software which is not directly involved in the simulator’s execution of exercises. It is used to define the aeronautical data (SIDs, STARs, taxiways, and so on) and the exercises to be run with the aeronautical data as environment or “ambient data”. The Designer has the components mentioned above built-in, for test and verification of the data produced whether it is aeronautical data or exercises.

For more background information, see our blog article What is an eCoach ATC Simulator? or download our brochure eCoach ATC Simulator.

The following descriptions are further elaborated in our e-book that you can download for free by clicking here.  

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Using an Existing ATC System for Training

For a lot of reasons, it is important that the air traffic control simulation environment is as close to the operational environment as possible. The ultimate solution is therefore to actually use the same ATC system for operations and training. The architecture of eCoach allows this to happen.
eCoach ATC Simulator Overview
Figure 1: eCoach ATC Simulator Overview
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