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Military Operations

eCoach supports military operations and manouvres such as formation take-off, landing, break, join etc. The user interface has been specially made to reduce sim pilot workload.



eCoach Remote Training ConceptRemote Training

The eCoach ATC Training simulators can be used for remote training. The remote training concept allows for students, instructors and sim pilots to be at different locations. This can be a cost saving solution.



ENGM Ground EastACC, APP and Tower

eCoach support training of controllers in various roles. The simulator also allows for training of the various roles together in the same exercise.


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Edda Systems AS

Tail heroes, the owners of Edda Systems AS

is a company specialized in ATC systems, and tele- and data communication. Our main product is eCoach which is an innovative and highly flexible Air Traffic Control simulator.

Edda Systems AS has long experience with ATC systems development including testing and commissioning. Our solutions are based on operational experience joined with leading new technology.

Opportunities for Agents

Edda Systems are looking for agents around the world

Edda Systems is searching for agents interested in promoting our products in various contries and regions. We are looking for agents with:                 

  • Knowledge of Air Traffic Control and the ATC market
  • Relevant experience from ATC industry
  • An established network of relevant customers and contacts

In addition a good track record of earlier sales and references is an advantage.

If this is of interest, please call us or or send us an email.

Contact Information

Edda Systems AS

Edda Systems AS
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Tel: +47 31 28 70 00



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