Avinor HOPE-simulation


In April 2011 Avinor, the Norwegian ANSP, put into operation a new STAR concept at Oslo's main airport, Gardermoen (OSL). The Point Merge System (PMS) is a new STAR design for merging arrival flows with focus on improving capacity, thus reducing environmental impact and controller workload. The PMS concept is considered for implementation by several larger international airports around the world.

eCoach VCS HOPE (Harmonization OSL Procedures and Environments) is the name of a project which have been launched to tune and further improve the new PMS concept put in operation last year. The project goal is to further reduce environmental impact by shortening the STARs which causes less fuel burned, reduced flying time and a more compact airspace for the TMA.

To test the redesigned airspace, Avinor contacted Edda Systems AS (ESAS) in order to conduct a simulation to validate the improved airspace design. The eCoach simulators provide for easy and fast design of new airspace or modifications of existing arrival and departure flight procedures. It's therefore a tool which can provide faster results spending less time and effort. To further reduce time and effort, Avinor requested ESAS to build a tool to import simulator excersises planned for the NATCON system (Avinor's ATM system which also includes a simulator system).

eCoach CWP The validation simulation was conducted on April 18th, at Edda Systems AS facilities at Spikkestad outside Oslo, Norway. The experienced ATC Controllers from Avinor only needed a couple of hours of training to be able to run the planned exercises as controllers and pseudo pilots. The eCoach HMI is strip-less and is focused on using recognizable HMI from every day computing. The new generation software development tools also provides support for this type of HMI which are intuitive, easy to use and easy to learn.

The successful results from the simulation showed the HOPE modifications were working as inteded and that Avinor/OSL can continue the implementation of the improved airspace design as planned.

eCoach Pilot Position

Edda Systems AS wishes Avinor/OSL good luck in putting the HOPE airspace into operation!