The Hong Kong Polytechnic University (PolyU) commissions eCoach 3D Tower

July 2016

July 14th, The Hong Kong Polytechnic University commissioned an eCoach 3D Tower simulator.

The eCoach 3D Tower simulator provides various types of ATC training and simulations. The system delivered by Edda Systems contains simulator pilots, controller working positions, instructor position, and a 270 degrees out of tower view based on large LCD displays. The system has surveillance and flight data processing as well as a voice communication system. Both voice- and radar data are recorded and can be played back for exercise evaluation. The system was delivered to the Aviation Operations and Control Laboratory.

The Hong Kong Polytechic University - PolyU is located close to the City Centre on the Kowloon side. PolyU offers postgraduate, undergraduate and sub-degree programmes for around 30,000 students every year and has a large global network with many institutions, countries and regions.