India Aviation 2012


The third India Aviation 2012 air show was held in Hyderabad, India, from March 14th to 18th. Edda Systems AS and Shaurya Flight Sim Pvt Ltd was participating in the exhibition for the first time. Shaurya Flight Sim Pvt Ltd is the new agent in India for Edda Systems AS.

eCoach VCS The stand contained a set up for an eCoach Exercise Designer which is a workstation used to create, modify and test exercises. In a addition the stand had a Controller Working Position (CWP) which included a Voice Communication System (VCS).

The eCoach simulators are a new product to the Indian ATC market and this years air show provided and opportunity to present the product to this market. eCoach is a cost efficient solution which provides for flexibility and ease of use combined with advanced functions. These are features we believe are attractive to potential customers on the Indian subcontinent.