eCoach Basic - server-less ATC training simulator


The eCoach Basic is an all-in-one, server-less ATC training simulator. It enables training in groups of up to 8 positions and is ideal for small size simulators. eCoach Basic is a very scalable system and it can be delivered as a fully portable ATC training simulator.

eCoach CWP

Each position contains Pseudo Pilot, Controller Working Position, and Exercise Designer functionalities. When running a training session, one eCoach Basic position (the instructor) controls the simulation by running the Exercise Designer. The other positions take the roles of Pseudo Pilots or Controller Working Positions and connect to the Exercise Designer. Together they form a training session.

eCoach Basic comes with strip-less Windows based User Interface. It is intuitive, easy to learn and use - and boosts productivity. The simulator uses BADA performance for realistic aircraft behavior. The built-in ATC system contains radar- and flight plan processing, safety nets, a voice communication system, and controller working positions. Both voice- and surveillance data are recorded and played back synchronously. The UI takes you to any point in the recorded data instantanously and the system is then immediately ready for playback or to resume a recorded exercise.

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