Avinor aquires eCoach Airspace Planner


The Norwegian ANSP Avinor aquires eCoach Airspace Planner from Edda Systems. The Airspace Planner is a tool to help in the process of planning and implementing changes to new or existing airspace, e.g. create or change SIDs, STARs, ATS routes, fixes, navaids etc. With the tool the effects of modifications can be easily simulated and studied thus providing better understanding of benefits and potential side effects. This helps airspace designers and desicion makers in providing results faster spending less time. And it may reduce the need for costly, large scale airspace simulations.

The eCoach Airspace Planner is running on a single workstation and has support for multiple high resolution displays. It can also run on a portable workstation. This is an ideal solution when working in groups or making presentations. To demonstrate the new airspace design, connect a high resolution projector to the portable workstation and run the simulation containing the new airspace design.