Norway’s Main Airport Used eCoach for Large Construction Project QA

November 2016

A simulator facility can be used for more than training of ATC personnel. This has been proven several times by Norway’s main airport Gardermoen (ENGM). During a three day visit at IAAN – which hosts a full-scale eCoach simulator – they could scrutinize their current plan for a major airport construction program, expected to be realized in the period 2017 – 2019.

Before the simulations, Edda Systems had prepared an adjusted airport model and simulation exercises to expose the traffic patterns for various construction phases. These were initially discussed in a meeting room at the training facilities as illustrated below. Then full-scale simulations took place in the presence of top management for tower operations, airport facilities, project management, and more.

eCoach Designer in a Meeting Room

Figure 1: How to utilize eCoach for airport and airspace change QA

In addition to this main goal, they were also able to investigate proposed new procedures for low visibility ground operations, and theories for ways to increase airport capacity in low visibility.  

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