The eCoach Enterprise edition is a complete ATC training simulator containing both a simulator suite and a complete ATC system.

The simulator suite contains:

  • ATC Environment Simulator (AES)
  • Exercise Designer (ED) to create and modify exercises
  • Pseudo Pilots (PP) to control simulated flights, vehicles etc.
  • Training Session Supervisor (TSS) to control and monitor exercises
  • Voice Communication System (VCS) 

The simulator is capable of running multiple exercises in parallel using different airspace and environment data. Pilot positions and controller working positions can be dynamically assigned to an exercise, even when the exercise is already running. Exercise and voice data is recorded and can be retrieved for synchronized playback and/or to resume an exercise at a given time. 


The ATC system contains:

  • Flight data processing system
  • Surveillance data processing system
  • Voice Communication System (VCS) 
  • Controller Working Positions

Controller Working Position (CWP) features:

  • Surveillance Display
    • Radar tracks
    • SMGCS view
    • Safety nets:
      • Minimum Safe Altitude Warning
      • Short Term Conflict Alert
      • Area Penetration Warning
      • Jurisdiction Mismatch Warning
    • Controller tools
  • Flight Data Display
    • Flight Data Lists
    • Option: Strip printing
    • Option: Electronic Flight Strips
  • Information System
  • Parking System
  • User Interface is highly adaptable to customer wishes