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Covid-19 Mitigation

Covid-19 has heavily disrupted the travel industry, including the ATC domain. eCoach supports distant training as part of our virtual training centre concept realized through our new service concept for eCoach simulators.

eCoach ATC simulator can provide Covid-19 mitigation

Work from Home (WFH) and distant learning/training, have become new terms often used during the Corona crisis. Opening up societies to normalize peoples lives and get economies going, are important to prevent further damage from the virus. However, as long as the virus is in circulation and there is no treatment or efficient vaccine, social distancing, wearing masks and personal hygine, are still important measures to prevent spreading the virus and get infected.


Before opening up, controllers may need to refresh work skills or in general train before resuming work. Our new concept of ATC-simulation-as-a-service, creates a virtual training centre where social distancing can be kept. Instructors, simulator pilots and students can work from home (WFH) or temporary facilities, if the type of training allows for it and they have the right equipment. The location of people is not important whether it's at home, at office or the training centre. With an internet connection, all participants have access to the cloud service running the ATC simulation - keep social distancing thus providing an effort towards reopening society and economies.

Contact us to see how we can help you with your challenges trying to get back to normality.

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