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Military formation breaking up. Seen from eCoach 3D TWR Simulator

eCoach Features

The eCoach ATC Simulator has been developed based on long experience from the ATM industry and feedback from our customers. Below is a list of highlighted features and functionality in our system, but there is more...


Machines and displays

eCoach can use a large variety of hardware and displays. We recommend hardware based on best price for necessary performance.


Portable system

eCoach can be delivered as a fully portable system. This is a perfect solution in combination with our cloud based server. 


BADA performance data

eCoach uses BADA performance data. This ensures predictable and recognizable aircraft behaviour. In addition custom performance data can be used when necessary.


3D TWR - cylindrical cabins

eCoach 3D TWR can be set up using projectors with images displayed on a cylindrical wall. The tower cabin can contain multiple working positions


3D TWR - LCD monitors

The 3D TWR cabin can be built using LCD monitor in either landscape or portrait mode with 4k monitor resolution. This set up can be used for small size to large size tower cabins.  


All-in-one working position

The All-in-One position is a full working position containing CWP/PP, VCS and 3D TWR using one physical workstation with multiple displays. The eCoach Exercise Designer can also be configured this way.


Recording and playback

Record, playback and resume voice, data and 3D tower view from an exercise.


Exercise Designer

Create, modify and test exercises using the powerful Exercise Designer, at office, home or when travelling.


Multi exercise and environment

Run multiple exercises in parallel, each with different airspaces and 3D Twrs, pilots and students assigned - even at different physical locations.


Graphic data 

Work graphically to display and modify aircraft trajectory and profile.


Safety nets

Safety nets: Short Term Conflict Alert (STCA), Minimum Safe Altitude Warning (MSAW), Area Penetration Warning (APW) and Jurisdiction Mismatch Warning (JMW).


Military operations

Supports military operations and maneuvers. User interface is efficient which enables a single simulator pilot to handle multiple fighters alone. 


Electronic flight strips

Electronic Flight Strips for tower operations.


Remote simulations

Safety nets: Short Term Conflict Alert (STCA), Minimum Safe Altitude Warning (MSAW), Area Penetration Warning (APW) and Jurisdiction Mismatch Warning (JMW).


Import Excel spreadsheet

Exercise data can be imported and exported from/to Excel spreadsheet. This can be used for rapid development of exercises or as a means of importing data from other systems.

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