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eCoach Military Functionality

World wide a lot of towers are handling military traffic as part of their daily work. eCoach has support for simulating military aircrafts and maneuvers. Especially handling fast, agile fighters flying in formation is a challenge for pseudo pilots. eCoach has taken this challenge and contain functionality to help pseudo pilots to execute complex operations with ease. With the 3D TWR visualization, it all comes alive!


Flying Formation

eCoach support several types of formation flying including formation take-off, formation landing and airborne maneuvers. This includes hot and slow side for landing formations.


Break Pattern

Fly break pattern with circle to land and control landing behaviour, Touch-and-Go, Stop-and-Go, Vacate-Runways. Control the individual elements of the formation with various landing options.



Simulate maneuvers which are difficult to hand-fly. eCoach supports operations as simulated flame-out (SFO) with close pattern turns and steep descend angles.


Helicopter Operations

Take-off and land helicopters at any position. Execute auto-rotation landings.

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