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Edda Systems delivers 3D ATC simulator to Ricoh/CATC in Thailand

November 20th, 2023


The CATC (Civil Aviation Training Centre) in Thailand decided this year to expand its ATC simulator training facilities in Bangkok. Ricoh Thailand is prime contractor for this expansion.

Edda Systems was selected to deliver the 3D Tower simulator software, as sub-contractor to Ricoh. The simulator was contracted in August this year, and the system was installed thereafter, with commissioning the last week of October.

The new installation includes a new large 3D Tower solution, in addition to Controller Working Positions, Pilots Positions, and Instructors. The new installation is CATC’s third Edda Systems’ eCoach ATC simulator installation in Bangkok. Altogether, the system(s) now includes close to 80 working positions, with both curved video-wall (using LCD panels) and projector based 3D Tower training facilities, + Approach and Area control (APP/ACC) training facilities.


Edda Systems

is a Norwegian ATC simulator vendor – with world-wide distribution – operational since 2005. The eCoach ATC training simulator portfolio can be configured to support virtually any type of air traffic services (ATS) training – from the largest training facilities with TWR, APP and Area control combined, to the smallest. This also includes complete 3D simulator facilities for Remote Tower configurations. 

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