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eCoach ATC simulation as a service

Ever considered leasing an ATC simulator?

Students and instructors in the large eCoach simulator tower cabin at GATE training centre at Kastrup airport, Copenhagen, Denmark

Reduce start-up time, costs and investments by leasing eCoach. To get started you need an internet connection and hardware to run eCoach apps. Edda Systems can provide airspace data, 3D models together with product training. Work from home, work from office, work from training centre - you are all on-line and connected in the virtual training centre.


Cloud computing

Our new concept uses Microsoft Azure as a cloud computing infrastructure to run the eCoach ATC simulator server. The eCoach apps such as controller working position (CWP), pseudo pilot (PP) etc. connects to the cloud server using secure data protocols for exchange of data. The eCoach ATC simulator server is accessible from any location which can use internet - from the training centre, office, home, hotel or your mountain cabin. Only registered and validated users and machines gets access to the simulation service, but as an approved user working on a registered machine you can be part of any ATC simulation from literally anywhere in the world.

Lease eCoach ATC simulator

Edda Systems offers leasing as an option to purchase of an ATC simulator. It works very much the same way as leasing a car or an appartment. We agree about equipment needed for the simulations and the leasing period, typically anything from 3 months to 5 years. Long lease periods reduces monthly rates for leasing. The necessary hardware must be provided by the customer as recommended  by Edda Systems. Edda Systems provides the eCoach apps and can assist in setting up the system and put it into operation.  We also offer training for various types of personnel to run and maintain the simulator as well as creating airspace, 3D models etc. The lease rate is invoiced monthly or yearly.

If this can be of interes to you and your company, please contact us to see how we can put together a package adopted to your needs.

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