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Standard ATC Simulator

Edda Systems offers multiple simulator installation types for the eCoach ATC simulator. For an on-premises installation, the system is set up and configured on-site, according to the customer specifications. The simulator can be set up with or without an internet connection. It may use VPN to connect external users or sites to the system. These are all options available to the customer.

Standard eCoach ATC simulator

Why choose an on-premises ATC simulator versus a cloud based simulator?

  • There are no internet connection or stable internet with sufficient capacity

  • The facilities for the simulator is located on a restricted network for security reasons

  • Training is always done on-site, there is no need for remote piloting or training

  • Reduce run-time maintenance costs for leasing internet connection and cloud subscriptions (these are low tyically low costs and have to be assessed against ivesting in more hardware for server and infrastructure)

The figure below shows an example of a large ATC simulator consisting of multiple controller working positions, simulator pilots and tower cabins. This can all be scaled to individual customer needs.

If you need further information on the ATC simulator on-premises installations, please contact us and we will be pleased to discuss your requirements.

Students at work at GATE's eCoach TWR simulator cabin at Kastrup airport, Copenhagen Denmark
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